quarta-feira, 3 de setembro de 2008

The building I work in

OK, I have to admit I don't actually work in this environment but part of the building I work in looks like this on the inside.
The building was built in two parts in 1815-1816 and in 1826-1827 by a Russian-born businessman Jegor Uschakoff and it represents the neo-classical style. It served as a shop and as a bookstore until it was bought by a bank.

They hired architect Lars Sonck to renovate the building and it was reopened as a bank in 1904.

The City of Helsinki bought the building in 1961 and renovated it. They maintained the old bank hall (pictures above) and the stairway (pictures below).

Art Noveau or Jugendstil just happens to be my favourite architectural style so I love how the the building looks from the inside!

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Dawn disse...

That is one of my favorite styles of architecture as well!