quinta-feira, 4 de setembro de 2008

Theatre performance

Last night Luana wanted to make a theatre performance for us. She dressed up as a princess and then chose clothes for her little brother (he wasn't originally wearing his sister's skirt but he picked it himself later on).

Theatre performance turned into a dance show where she had a coreography, I had to sing and he was just messing about.

But in the end she made him dance, too.

It was great fun to watch (me and my mum were seated on the sofa and formed the audience) although Luana found it very frustrating when Lucas wouldn't stick to what they (or rather she) had previously planned. They overcame the difficulties though and the performance was cute and funny.

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Dawn disse...

How cute is that! You snapped some fabulous pictures during the performance. That looks like something that will always be a good memory for your kids.