domingo, 31 de agosto de 2008

Luana's birthday

On Sunday we celebrated Luana and Lucas' birthday in Sunday School. This is how the table looked like just before the kids came in :) First we did some crafting and then we ate.

This is Luana with the cake she decorated (with just a little help from grandma).
Luana was born at 6.15 pm after a lengthy day :) We went to the hospital at around 11 o'clock and I had hoped for a special room (and a possible water birth) in the same ward where Lucas was later borntwo years later but it was full. So we ended up in another ward and the labour was quite usual for a first baby I guess. It took some 15 hours all together and I had an epidural that allowed me to sleep for a few hours during the day.

Luana was born with the umbilical cord around her neck and she had inhaled a fair amount of liquid. We got to keep her just 15 minutes after she was born and then she was whisked away to the children's ward as she wasn't breathing as well as she should have and her oxygen intake wasn't good enough. We got to see her again soon after that but weren't able to hold her or cuddle her. She had to stay in the children's ward for two nights and I'd wake up every hour just to see where my baby was.

I had no help in breastfeeding and it was really difficult in the beginning as she was bottle-fed while she was in the children's ward. I was really decided on getting breasfeeding going and wanted to get rid of the bottle. My mother helped a lot and I finally got some of the nurses to help me too so I managed to start breastfeeding. She also developed an infection and had to be on antibiotics so we stayed in the hospital for five days. That wasn't too bad though as we had a family room where my husband could also stay (and we finally had Luana with us too).

She was such a calm baby; she'd sleep all night since she was born :) A lot of that calmness has disappeared with time though and now we have an amazing little princess full of energy. She loves drawing, dancing, playing hairdresser, riding her bike etc.

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Dawn disse...

Happy Birthday to Luana! That must have been rough having her away from you those first two nights after she was born. I'm glad everything worked out and that she grew into such a healthy, beautiful girl.