terça-feira, 23 de setembro de 2008

Another school shooting

It's been a sad day for Finland yet again. There was a school shooting that left at least 11 dead. The last incident was less than a year ago. This is a tiny country of just over 5 million inhabitants and we're not used to that kind of things to happen. It seems unreal.

I've never been afraid of the thought of having my kids go to school here as I've always considered this a peacful country to live in. I guess I didn't think anyone could be worried about the safety of their children at school. Then I read about several people who said one of the reasons why they homeschool is the violence in schools. Even though I probably would still send my children to school if we lived here I think I'm beginning to understand how you feel when you're not convinced about the safety of the schools.

My heart goes our to those who are mourning the loss of a loved one today. I feel for the parents, siblings and other family members whose loved one didn't come home from school today. I also feel for the parents and family members of the shooter; he killed himself. I don't intend to justify what he did but nonetheless he is somebody's son and relative. The people who lost him also have to go on living their lives bearing the loss of a dear person as well as the pressure from the outside for being the shooter's family.

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Dawn disse...

This is so sad. I'm very sorry to read about this and my thoughts are with the people who have been affected by this tragedy.

Poppy and Mei disse...

Incrediably sad news. XXxx