sexta-feira, 17 de outubro de 2008

Back at home

So we finally made it back home! We arrived on October 6th after four flights (Helsinki-Munich-São Paulo-Cuiabá-home) and we were all really happy to be back.

The five months in Finland were really good - I worked a lot and enjoyed what I did, the kids liked their nursery and learned lots of new things in Finnish. Although I often felt there wasn't enough of time for the kids I still think we managed to do many nice things together and I hope the kids have good memories of their Finnish summer.
Daddy had made such an effort here at home and it was so exciting to open the doors of the rooms in order to find out all the things he had done in each of them.
And now we're slowly getting into the everyday rhythm over here. The kids have been at school this week and they've enjoyed it. Lucas doesn't really speak any Portuguese although he understands most things. His teacher told me that he'd speak Finnish to everyone at school too although he knows people don't understand :) Luana didn't speak much upon arrival but she's really making an effort to speak Portuguese and it's getting more fluent every day. The kids still speak Finnish when they're together but I reckon that'll change with some time.
We've got two lovely puppies left at home. One is already reserved and there's one more to go. I keep telling the kids the puppies aren't ours to keep and they keep telling me they understand that. I bet it'll still be a sad day when the new owners come to pick them up... The big dogs remembered us right away and there haven't been any problems with them.
I'm really looking forward to our homeschooling afternoons, nature notebook, cooking together and Green Hour Challenge time. In fact Luana was already asking to go for a nature walk so we did that yesterday but I'll post about that separately. I'm still in the middle of organising things. There are some things still in the suitcases as I need to solve some serious storage issues first...

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Dawn disse...

It's nice to see that you're back home, safe and happy. Have a great weekend.