domingo, 19 de outubro de 2008

Back to Green Hour

We played with these play dough animals on a rainy day last week. It's great to have been gone for several months because there are so many toys around the house that the kids don't remember anymore. These animals were one of those new-old toys.

Luana had been asking for several days to go for a green hour walk and we finally did that on Thursday. We went around the block behind our house as the kids wanted to see the river Mororó. It was also World Food Day so we tried to look for things to eat along the way. The only things we saw were chickens and mangos. The kids also drew what they had seen along the way and Luana came up with a really cute map of our walk :)

Later on we also talked about how usually one could drink water but the river is so polluted that the water's not good for drinking. Luana had some good ideas as to what pollutes the river and I think we can work on that later on as we continue talking about the river.

Water is really low at the moment as it's only the beginning of the rainy season. The river flooded a few times last year and I'm sure we'll see some of that later on as well.

There were so many mangoes hanging from the trees! We've already received some from my parents-in-law and we're all (especially Luana) really looking forward to the mango season to kick in.

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Dawn disse...

Look at all those mangoes! Those are a real treat around here; we have to pay several dollars for one of them.