segunda-feira, 5 de maio de 2008

Work and some crafting

Today was my first day at work and I loved it. It was a little hectic of course and there are tons of things I'll have to learn but all in all it was great. It's great to get up in the morning, catch the bus and go to work. I'm not sure I'll be this enthusiastic about it come September (or July...) but I'm planning to enjoy this feeling for as long as it lasts.

Tomorrow and on Thursday I'll get to know my own city visiting some of the most important museums and taking a guided bus tour around the main sights. This is one way of getting acquainted with the things I'll have to learn and know during the summer. I'll even be able to take the kids along for some of the museums and I think that'll be great. So stay tuned for some Helsinki tourist info and pics during the next few days!
After dinner we did some crafting. This was long overdue and especially Luana had been asking to do some crafting (ANY crafting) for a while already.

So we made cards with bees and flowers and we're planning to send them to Brazil, probably to grandma and daddy :)

2 comentários:

Poppy & Mei disse...

Fantastic day & great sounding job!
The cards are gorgeous, can't wait to hear more! Xxx

Susa disse...

Very cute cards! I wish I had your energy! :)