quarta-feira, 7 de maio de 2008

Tourism in Helsinki part I

I spent two days in the museums of Helsinki and it was good fun. Yesterday I visited Ateneum and Design Museum. I particularly liked the black and white photos of Matti Saanio. They were his early photos (mainly from the 60s) that depict the life of people in the North of Finland. I then took a sightseeing tour around Helsinki. It was funny to see your own city from a tourist bus :) I thought, however, that the sightseeing was really good; it probably gives a good idea of the city to anyone visiting for the first time.

In the afternoon I took the kids to the National Museum and after that to the tower at the olympic stadium. The tower is 72 metres high and offers a spectacular view of the city. I had never been up there so it was a great experience. Lucas didn't seem to appreciate it that much as he explicitlty told me he didn't want to go back :)

Today I took the kids to Kiasma, the museum of modern art. It wasn't that good with such small kids (who aren't used to visiting museums) but they enjoyed some of the art. There wasn't enything particulary prepared for kids and the kids were a bit dissapointed (the National Museum offers a great hans-on children's exhibition so I guess the kids were expecting something like that again).
Luana and Lucas experiencing modern art :)

The most captivating thing in the Museum of Modern Art was the building site we could see from the window... Several tractors and other machines working away :)

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