quarta-feira, 7 de maio de 2008

Tourism in Helsinki part II

We continued the day by going to the Museum of Cultures, which offered several things specially for kids.

This was a dollhouse made after an old Carelian house where the animals lived in the ground fllor and the people upstairs. Kids were invited to play with the house and the animals and they really liked it.

It was all made of wood and very sturdy. I loved it!

The whole days wasn't all idyllic as the kids really aren't used to museums. They're also starting to get by without napping during the day and get tired and irritable quite often... I got a pram for Lucas in all museums and it helped a lot; he didn't get to run around and touch stuff you're not supposed to touch and he also didn't get so tired from walking around. It seemed though that only stuff particularly for kids caught their attention. Anything else just didn't seem to do the trick.

I am however really pleased with how the two days went and I'm hoping the kids also got some good memories :)

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Dawn disse...

That doll house is really spectacular...I love it.