sábado, 3 de maio de 2008

Old things

It's been wonderful to see old things again. Some of the things are just a few years old and I find them in the random boxes we left here when we moved. Some of the things are from my childhood and some of the things are from my mother's childhood. There's a real sense of continuity when I see my kids playing with old toys.

Wooden blocks from my mother's childhood (almost 70 years old).

A box of crayons from my childhood. I instantly recognised the box and knew what the crayons smelled like.

My dearest night gown from when I was roughly the age of my daughter now. My cousin had bought it for me from the US and I treasured it so.

2 comentários:

Poppy & Mei disse...

Mmmmmmmm, vintage lurvvve!
I must have those blocks, the wood looks so warm & soft. Is that weird? ;) Xxx

Dawn disse...

These are such great photos. I love old toys. That's wonderful that those blocks have been saved through so many generations.