sábado, 12 de abril de 2008


We did some painting yesterday. It's been so hot the last week or so that we decided to paint outdoors in the front yard. We used paints called "tempera guache" (don't know whether they're called that in English too or not). I'm not very familiar with them as normal watercolours are mainly used with kids in Finland. Over here though they use these a lot. I mixed some colour with a little water and the kids painted mixing really wet primary colours. We used a regular white paper and I could see that a thicker paper made for watercolours would have been in place here. I'll get some when we go to Finland :)

The kids really enjoyed mixing the colours. I don't think we had painted this way ever before.

Lucas liked it too although his concentration isn't as good as Luana's. After the wet painting he painted some "regular" stuff too.

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Dawn disse...

We had our first hot day today- although probably not as hot as where you are ;) The kids and I spent every second we could outside- we loved it! Maybe we should paint outside tomorrow, that sounds fun.

mamãe disse...

I like it at least with smaller kids as the cleaning up is easier :)

Poppy & Mei disse...

Beautiful painting pics!
That's the perfect place to paint too...Xxx