sexta-feira, 11 de abril de 2008


I just got a summer job in Finland for five months! Five! I'll start already in the beginning of May so we'll travel in a few weeks. I'll be a busy bee until then as I still have a few English courses I need to finish as well as some things to prepare for the trip.

Hubby is off to the travel agent to sort out our flights and I'm trying to get daycare organised for the kids. My mum will obviously help with the kids but I can't expect her to look after them 24/7.

I'm just so excited!!! So happy we'll be able to stay for a little longer. This allows me to go to a friend's wedding, see another friend's baby that is due in September and simply see all friends and relatives and do lots of nice things with the kids.

3 comentários:

Poppy & Mei disse...

Please, please, please keep blogging while you are away, Finland looks fabulous! Xxx

Dawn disse...

Yay for you! I second what Bex says, please keep blogging while you're in Finland- I want to see pictures :)

mamãe disse...

Thanks! I will definitely continue blogging while in Finland, no worries! :) And I think we'll continue the Green Hour challenges as my mum lives right next to the sea and there's some forest nearby, too.