segunda-feira, 14 de abril de 2008

busy busy

The last couple of days have somehow been so hectic with us trying to organise the trip (very last minute) and hubby having to travel to Porto Velho (the state capital) in order to do the final medical consultations and hand in his documents for his new job. He's stressed about the flights (or rather about us not finding decent prices this close to departure) and I'm getting stressed about all the zillions of things I still need to get done before we leave.

I'm a list person so I made a few lists (what to do before we leave, what to take along, what to buy as gifts etc.). That helped and I divided the things to do between the days I still have left. There are just so many small things to do as always when you're about to travel.

I have a crafting mess in our room and I really need to get that organised before we go. I can't just let things lying around for five months... I think it'll be a good thing to organise the crafting supplies though as I'm sure I'll find many things I can send to my sister-in-law for her to use in the poor rural schools in the landless movement.

But now I'm just too tired to do anything like that. I stayed up far too late last night looking for flights for us so tonight it'll just be some ice-cream and telly for me and then to bed! I'm hoping to do something nice (like the next Green Hour challenge or some nice crafting) with the kids the next couple of days despite the travelling madness :)

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Dawn disse...

Good luck with all your preparations for travel. :)

Susa disse...

I still can't believe you'll be going for five months! Wow! I'm green with envy ;)