quarta-feira, 19 de março de 2008

Green Hour notebook

The princess has got a cold and she stayed at home today instead of going to school in the morning. As she's not really that poorly (ie no temperature) we've been busy doing lots of things and it's only 9 am! She helped me to wash the dishes, then I painted her nails and we did something for the Green Hour notebook. I know the pictures are pants but I hope you can get an idea of what we did...
First I explained how the seeds fall on the ground and start growing. I asked her what the plants need in order to grow and after some discussion she drew a sun and some rain clouds.

And then after some time a tree grows! This is the same paper. In the first picture the tree is folded and the seeds and the small plant are drawn on the back of the folded tree. This was done quite quickly which was good since she doesn't really seem to have a lot of concentration today :) We'll work on the river theme later on.

We'll make some muffins a bit later on and I let Luana start her own kitchen notebook. She's very keen to help out in the kitchen and they've started to learn the numbers at school. So I thought we could put together her own recipes. She can draw and practice the numbers and I write the actual recipes as we make them together.

4 comentários:

Poppy & Mei disse...

Great work!
I'm loving this challenge! Xxx

Dawn disse...

Wonderful pictures. We're going to do another nature walk this week and this time, I hope we can bring something home to study. I think seeds are a great idea with young kids. You have so many good ideas.

mamãe disse...

I'm loving this challenge too! It's amazing how so many things can be related to the theme that we're currently studying :)

shreejata disse...

terve!! sorry i dont know your name! mina olen diya. olen intialinen.i am studying forestry in europe, and my mother university is in joensuu. i had been living in joensuu last year, and i learnt a little bit of finnish :).now i am living in viena for writing my thesis.i remember celebrating runeberg's day last year in finland, and your cakes reminded me of it again this year :)
i happened to hit upon your blog page by chance, as i was browsing among the several pages. i dont know why i started reading your page, but once i started i could not stop mid way. i enjoyed reading about your life and how lucas and luana is growing up. i could relate to the way you are bringing up your children with the way my mum brought me up. yes, it was very much like this. i had spent a lot of time with my mum since childhood, and i started learning almost everything from her. and the very important thing she taught me was to do something for my own joy, and for the joy of creation. i felt you are some where trying to do the same with your kids and this is indeed very important to grow up as beautiful human beings. i must say your kids are simply adorable and really talented. i told my mum (who is in india right now) about your blog and about your kids and about the things you wrote, and she seemed to relate with it as well. she has wished you all the best from her. and so wish i.
i wish you all a very happy easter.