sexta-feira, 21 de março de 2008

Easter eggs

I haven't found our Easter decorations so we had to make some new ones. I bet the missing ones pop up right after Easter when we won't need them for another year and then mysteriously disappear again just before next Easter. Oh well.

We painted some cardboard strips with watercolours. The ones on the top are mine, the middle ones are Luana's and the ones on the bottom are Lucas'.
After they had dried I folded them in the middle and cut egg shapes out of them. We then glued the cut pieces together so both sides are painted.

Luana and Lucas also did some face painting as I was preparing dinner (and wasn't aware of them messing about with the watercolours...). You can check out their art in my Finnish blog.

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Dawn disse...

The watercolor eggs turned out great. Sorry about the missing decorations. It looks like you improvised quite well.

shreejata disse...

the eggs look so cute!! i hope all of you have enjoyed easter. i dont know if you are offended by the post i wrote for your previous blog. but that was never my intention.
you can visit my blogs at:

hyvaa wikonloppua!!

mamãe disse...


not offended at all, quite on the contrary! :) So glad you found my blog and liked it. Welcome along!

I just made a comment in your blog too.

Poppy & Mei disse...

I love your eggs!
A finnish blog? I'm off to check that out! Xxx