domingo, 23 de março de 2008

Easter Sunday

This morning we had a special Easter Sunday School for the kids below 9 years of age. We expected around 100 kids but almost 150 turned up! We had to improvise a little with the gift bags as there were only 100 of them but in the end everything turned out nice and I think all the kids were happy. There was cake, pop corn, the little surprise bags with sweets, lots of singing and of course the Easter message.

These pictures are from the old church where youth evenings and bigger children's events usually take place. There's a lot bigger new church right next to this one.

And this is how the gift bags looked like. Someone had actually taken the trouble of sewing bags from yellow bunny fabric and then glueing the legs and the head of the rabbit. And there were 100 of them! (The material of the head and the legs is called EVA in Portuguese or softis in Finnish, I have no idea what it's called in English...)

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Easter time!

3 comentários:

Dawn disse...

Wow! That's a lot of kids! The gift bags are so cute and thoughtful. Have a great Easter!

shreejata disse...

thanks for your message! i wish you and your family a happy easter!

Poppy & Mei disse...

Wonderful! Now that's dedication for ya! Xxx