segunda-feira, 17 de março de 2008

Green Hour challenge 1

I had planned to do our Green Hour "task" today but Lucas fell asleep really late after lunch and just didn't wake up. Luana and I worked on primary colours in English and she also had a colouring task from school. When Lucas finally woke up I was already preparing dinner (a little earlier today as I had classes in the evening). When the food was ready I checked the time and realised we could manage a stroll around the block with the kids before I had to go so off we went.

Around the block doesn't really seem like very much nature but as this is a small town in the Amazon basin we have all sorts of things around our block :) The kids were most interested in collecting different kinds of leaves and taking a look at the Mororó river that runs close by.

As we got home we talked about our walk over dinner. I thought the thing they both would mention were the cute puppies we saw but Luana said she liked the different leaves best. She was also interested in the river. We discussed the river for a while and agreed that we'll find a little more about it this week. I think I'll also work with trees somehow. It's a bit hard for us to identify the leaves they collected as we don't have any kind of handbook of the fauna over here. I think we'll talk more about trees in general on the lines of fruit-seed-tree, something suited for a four-year-old.

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Dawn disse...

I'm so glad we're both doing this challenge. It was fun to read about you doing the same thing that I did with my kids today and the different experience your kids had.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom disse...

I am so glad that you are joining us for our Green Hour challenges. It will definitely be interesting to here how your nature walks differ from those of us in the Northern hemisphere.

Thank you for posting your link and we look forward to reading more,
Barb-Harmony Art Mom