domingo, 16 de março de 2008

Easter decoration

We read about Jesus entering Jerusalem for Passover and talked about the people receiving Him. We then decorated some branches with feathers. Traditionally today in Finland kids go around dressed up as witches ringing people's doorbells. They say a small rhyme about spring and exchange a decorated branch for some sweets. As we're really not into any witch stuff (plus I can't imagine how our neighbours reacted if I dressed the kids as witches and had them go from door to door with colourful branches...) we just made these thinking about the arrival of Jesus and the happiness of the people.

We used pieces of pipe cleaners to secure the feathers. I'm planning to re-use the feathers (and probably the pipe cleaner pieces, too) after Easter. We don't get either of them over here so I have to make them last a long time... :)

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