sábado, 8 de março de 2008

Craft fair

Today we celebrated women's day at church and the service was led by women. I had been asked to join in and play the keyboard. I was quite nervous but it went ok.

After the service there was a craft fair (it's called feira de talentos, talent fair in Portuguese)where people donated things to be sold and the money went to the women's union of the church. I also made a few things and at least a few of them were sold byt the time we left! :) I'll post a few pictures from the fair tomorrow with more time. Now I really have to finish preparing Sunday School and then get some sleep!

I made these finger puppets (not sure if they're called that in English...) out of felt.

And these hearts out of felt, too. The pink one is white on the other side and the brown and the green ones are pink on the other side.

These are little bags for mobile phones. My mum made these already last year when she was visiting. I have more of them and I've been meaning to sell them for a good while. I took a few of them to the fair just to see if people were interested in them...

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Dawn disse...

I love the finger puppets, very cute!