quinta-feira, 6 de março de 2008

Crafting again!

Was it just yesterday that I was whining about not having any crafting ideas or energy? Well, things are back to normal on the crafting front :) Dawn reminded me of this site and it's great. I had already subscribed to their newsletter but I haven't received anything from them for a good while... Anyway the site is good and already gave me several new ideas.

Yesterday I made myself do some crafting with the kids and this is what we (they) came up with:

They are Easter eggs (in case someone is wondering...) made out of felt. I cut the shapes and the kids glued. The ones on the top are Luana's and Lucas made the one below. He didn't have the concentration to do both sides but I'm so happy with the one he made! I'll sew the two sides together, fill them just a little and put a string for hanging them.
It was funny how I had to tell myself to be quiet as the kids went on decorating the eggs. In my opinion you paint (or decorate) Easter eggs horizontally but as we've never painted Easter eggs with the kids they didn't have any fixed ideas as to how to decorate them. I think they came out so cheerful and pretty!

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Dawn disse...

That looks like fun. Now I want to go out and get some more felt so I can try.