domingo, 9 de março de 2008

Lovely day

We enjoyed another lovely Sunday. In the morning we went to church. Hubby and I both taught Sunday School (I've got the 7-9 year-old kids and he's got the teenagers). The kids were in their own class which they enjoyed as per usual.

After church hubby visited his parents and came home with a brilliant idea of going swimming in the afternoon. So he quickly bought some supplies and got us a taxi. We picked up his cousin and her two daughters and off we went. Needless to say the kids just loved it. It was really hard to get them out of the water even for eating.

Afternoon was well spent and the kids were really tired as we got home. Hubby decided to stay with them and put them to bed early and I went to church by myself. I came back a short while ago by bike and it just started to rain. What a timing!

I've been trying to upload some pictures from the craft fair but I keep getting a "server error" message. Hopefully it works tomorrow!

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Dawn disse...

Swimming sounds like so much fun right now. I've seen on some other blogs that many people are having a hard time uploading pictures today. I'm glad you had a wonderful Sunday.