segunda-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2008

Homeschool February

The kids seem to play together more and more every day, which is really nice. They come up with great things that involve bringing all of their toys to the living room, dressing up, dressing the dolls with strips of paper, emptying their toy boxes so that they can be used as beds, planes, ships etc. And then today they completely surprised me by playing around with modelling clay for almost an hour without a single quarrel while I was preparing lunch. That hasn't happened for a good while! Are they growing up? Was camping all they needed? I don't know but I'm planning to enjoy this while it lasts and not interfere when they're really into a good play.

So today I sat down and planned some homeschooling for this month. I don't want to make rigid plans but I've discovered that some planning ahead makes my daily life easier. I looked up Finnish and Brazilian special dates for February and kind of made my plans around them. There are great Brazilian special days such as the day of the sportsman or the day of the librarian. And then tomorrow is Finnish laskiainen (the day before the beginning of Lent) that involves some yummy eating. In the end of February we still have the day of Finnish culture. Oh, and did I mention the day of the founding of IBAMA (The Brazilian Institute of Environment and Natural Resources), which should give us several days of nature stuff to do. The beginnig of the month will however be spent with valentines related things. In Finland it's called the day of friendship so we'll make some little pressies for friends.

I'm planning to continue our nature notebook and to start a cooking notebook. That should give us a chance to cook together and look at some numbers with the princess as they go through them at school as well. I will also sit down with them twice a week and make a few exercises in English. We started doing that during the summer vacation but then stopped. Just the other day princess was asking me what happened to learning English. So I'll take that up again for as long as they find it fun.

I guess all of this didn't sound very organised at all but believe you me it does look so on paper :)

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Dawn disse...

I love those kind of days where the kids play together so nicely.