quarta-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2008

No more drawing?

Today started off with a bit of a surprise as we were all dressed and ready to go to school but my friend who usually picks the kids up didn't show up. They travelled this weekend so I'm guessing something happened and they just didn't get back in time. I'd call her but my cell phone is out of credit so I guess I'll just visit her later on today to see if everything's OK. First I thought I'd just take a taxi and get the kids to school but then I realised I'd have to do the same to get them home so I decided to just keep them at home today. Needless to say they weren't pleased as they were really looking forward to going to school after the long weekend.

We got on somehow and I let them watch some Finnish children's programs on the internet and they really enjoyed that. They've also done some colouring and played with the modelling clay. However there seems to be a cloud of discontentment looming over our house. Maybe it's my frustration over how the day is turning out (I had some things I had to do outside the house and I'm not getting them done now), maybe it's the kids' dissapointment over not going to school after all. I made an effort of choosing to be happy and just improvise the day, I made bread and sweet bread doughs and decided to make pumpkin soup for lunch but still I'm feeling somehow heavy.

However the bubble really burst when I discovered tons of new drawings on the walls. It seems that yesterday or today the kids (I'm guessing mainly the little brother) have gone crazy with crayons and the white walls. I got really really really upset as this is something I've been explaining to them so many times. I understand that most kids draw on the walls at some point but mine just do it constantly despite being told that it's forbidden. I would love them to have a crafting corner where they could cut, glue, draw etc. whenever they felt like it. As that corner hasn't been set up yet I've left the crayons, colour pencils and some paper always available and they've made good use of them. I tried letting scissors available too but the little one will cut anything he sees so that doesn't work.

I made them collect all crayons and pencils and hand them over. From now on they will have to ask me if they want to draw anything. I feel so frustrated and sad about the situation. Of course it isn't just the drawing on the walls that makes me feel like this. The kids are so disobedient these days that it drives me crazy. Absolutely nothing can be done without a quarrel or me asking them to do it a million times. They also repeatedly do all of the things they know they're not allowed. Maybe it's a phase and I'm hoping it would pass soon as it makes the daily life really tiring.

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Dawn disse...

Sorry your day isn't turning out so well. ((Hugs)) Hope things get better soon. When my kids quarrel it wears me out faster than anything else.