segunda-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2008

We're at home again

We came home already on Sunday evening as the people who drove us wanted to return early. We didn't find anyone else to come back with on Monday so we agreed. We had a great time though and the kids really enjoyed themselves. It had been a while since we spent such a lot of time (= all of the time) outdoors and I thought it was fantastic. The kids slept really well and thought it was well exciting to sleep in a tent. We went there expecting to spend time together as a family as well as hearing what God wanted to speak to us and we truly enjoyed it. We got to walk, swim, run around, play football (or soccer if you like), eat well, get to know some new people, see some gorgeous horses in the ranch and hear from a visiting pastor from Minas Gerais. You can see some of our pictures here.

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Dawn disse...

That looks like fun. My family is going to give camping a try this year- once it gets above 60 F.