segunda-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2008

Theme of the week: nature

The handprints and little brother's paintings (in the middle).
So I organised the remaining summer holiday weeks and decided upon a theme for each week. We started with nature and today we simply walked around our own backyard and looked for different kinds of leaves. We actually found quite a few different kinds and the kids thought it was fun to pull leaves from the trees with mum's permission...

We then organised all the leaves and observed the different shapes. That sounded awfully fancy. In all truth it went like this: I organised the leaves and tried to point out some fun shapes and the differences between the leaves while princess was constantly asking: "now what do we do with the leaves?" and little brother was just messing about with his own things. When I finally pulled out the watercolours they were both delighted as they love painting.

I showed them how to paint the leaves and print them on the paper. Princess made lovely experiments mixing colours and even little brother tried making his own prints. They then proceeded to painting their own hands with different colours and making lots of handprints. Little brother also just painted random stuff.

Princess' leaves on the left. I loved the colours she created. The big leaf in the middle she printed first with red and then with black on top of the red print.

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