terça-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2008

Fantasy trees

We continued on the tree theme today. I have worked before using drawings of hands as leaves of a big tree but I got this idea from Perpetual Preschool. You draw the child's hand and some of the arm and make that the tree.

You can then glue anything you like for the leaves. We used little pieces of coloured paper and cardboard, some of their own watercolour paintings that we cut up as well as some tiny pieces of leftover felt from my Christmas crafting (yes, I keep almost everything just in case).

And this is how they looked when done.

2 comentários:

Ohikulkija disse...

Adorei a ideia! OBRAGADA!!! Did this today with 3 years old boy I'm taking care of, and he loved it also! Että kiitosta vaan :) Suomenkielistä blogiasi olen seuraillut jo pidempään, nyt löysin tämän ja ihastuin ideoihisi. Suosikkeihin päätyi blogi ja seurailu alkoi.

mamãe disse...

Tervetuloa! Kiva, että idea toimi sielläkin. Bloggaatko jossain myöskin? Kävisin mielelläni sunkin blogiasi lukemassa.