sexta-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2008

New Year resolutions

I'm not really in for new year's resolutions. I understand that it seems like a good time of the year for starting new things and changing old habits but I've also seen all the good intentions vanish in the air come February. However I've found myself thinking a lot about some things these first days of the new year and I've even caught myself promising myself to start doing certain things this year. So I guess you could say I'm making new year resolutions after all...

I'm planning to do lots more crafting by myself and also with the kids. Just these days especially our princess has shown a great deal of initiative when it comes to being creative. She made some decorations for the dinner table cutting and folding bits and pieces of white paper. She also drew a picture of each family member to show where everyone was supposed to sit at the table. This morning I found her playing about with nails in the kitchen; she made pictures and letters with them (and even cleaned up once she was done!). Both kids are also really into theatre and dressing up. Today we made these bracelets with beads. The princess made hers all by herself (on the left) and I made the ones for the little brother. The red beads are real seeds and the black ones are plastic. They made me think of blueberries and wild strawberries in the summer.

Little brother's classes will start again on Jan 28th and princess is at home until mid-February. I got a good idea from Two straight lines (from a posting in June) about organising holiday time at home with kids. I wish I had thought about it earlier. But I still have a month or so to organise. I also found all these great sites with ideas for activities and crafting with kids (I'll have new links up soon). So I'm bursting with energy and new ideas. There are times when homeschooling seems really appealing although most of the time I'm really happy with the thought of having the kids at pre-school. Maybe I could combine those too as pre-school is only until noon and we have the whole afternoon to ourselves...

I also want to concentrate more on the kids, i e actively spend time with them. And that will start now. They're waiting for me already in the living room.

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