segunda-feira, 26 de outubro de 2009

No time for the fun stuff

I started a new teaching job some weeks ago and all of a sudden I have no time for the fun stuff with my kids... I work almost every afternoon and come home when it's almost time for the kids to go to bed. I'm at home in the mornings but that's when they're at school. That leaves us the weekends but as I'm working and we don't have anyone to clean the house and wash the laundry we end up spending a lot of time on Saturdays doing household chores. I'm not very happy about the situation but I realise that it's also good to work and get some experiences from here in my CV. Thankfully summer holiday starts soon enough (end of November for the kids and a little later for me), my mum is soon here as well as my sister and I've already got lots of nice ideas for the long holiday months (two if the kids continue in the same school and three if they go to a public school).

The kids did get to paint their faces and loved it! They got inspired after they saw the paintings my students had made at school (did I mention I get to teach one art class apart from all the English classes and I'm LOVING it!).

We also made loads of bead bracelets for a birthday party that I worked at last weekend. Luana was such a great sport about this; the beads weren't mine and she helped me making the bracelets without getting to keep one for herself. I did promise her we'd buy lots of beads for the holidays...

Here are some of the bracelets we made.
Basically all homeschooling activities are on hold at the moment and we're really looking forward to December when my mum and later on my sister will be over here and we'll have lots more time to spend together.

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Laura disse...

I'm struggling, too, with getting some time for "fun stuff" when I get home from work. We just had to set our clocks back and now that it is dark at 5pm, the evening seems to whiz by. Our weekends are also spent with catching up with laundry and general housecleaning.

Good thing, though, that Kristina loves to "help out" with such tasks!!

~Laura :)

mamãe disse...

I've found it really challenging to combine work and kids. I guess you get used to it with time but at the moment I'm so looking forward to summer holidays that will start in December!

Glad to hear Kristina enjoys helping out. My kids like that sometimes too.

Hapi disse...

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