quinta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2009

In our garden

My husband covered the garden with a fine plastic mesh in order to create some shadow. This also protects the plants from heavy rain (rainy season is just around the corner so this is important).

Our broccoli never really happened. The plants grew very large and produced big leaves but never the actual broccoli. I have no idea what happened as I've never really gardened anything before. My husband's got more experience with gardening but he's never dealt with broccoli so we're clueless with this one... It's a shame though because broccoli is really expensive over here and I was really looking forward to growing our own.

Basil is doing great and that makes me really happy. There's no fresh basil sold here at all and I've really missed that.

We planted some strawberries that my sister brought from Spain. We're hoping this is a variety that tolerates heat well. Fingers crossed!

We also got some strawberries from a friend and they're all doing well. I have no idea when we might get our first strawberries though...

We're going through changes in the garden right now. Rucola and kale produced well and we'll plant them again. On our list we also have parsley, radish, lettuce and agrião (one type of watercress). We'll be eating from our garden by the end of the year again although gardens don't really thrive during the rainy season.

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