quinta-feira, 16 de julho de 2009

Winter holidays

The kids have two weeks off from school and we're all enjoying the winter holidays. After this it's school until the end of November and then they'll have a lot longer summer break. It's been surprisingly calm at home. I've tried to have something planned for them should they need an activity. We've done most of the things I had planned to do with them. Other than that they've played a lot outside enjoying their new swing that daddy made for them recently.

I added some new rhymes to the bag. It was painted by Luana when she was just over two years old and in nursery in Finland. The cards represent rhymes and songs and the kids get to pick them one at a time. We hadn't used the bag for a while and it was great fun; we went through the entire bag at one go! :)

Some sticker activities are always a hit. I just cut different coloured stickers into squares and let them go for it.

The kids washed their bikes with great care and attention. Playing with water is always popular due to the heat.

Yesterday they rode their bikes to visit grandma. Lucas still needs a lot of practice especially when the streets aren't paved (which is the case very often over here). He's not too good with brakes either so I have to be close by all the time...
I'm about to finish my motorbike and car driving lessons (the test is next Wednesday, yikes!) and I've got lessons every morning until then. It's been a little hectic because of the lessons but thankfully our niece who lives with us has been extremely helpful taking care of the kids, cleaning up and preparing lunch.

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Laura disse...

I'm going to start taking notes from your blog....Kristina is a very crafty 2 yr. old (LOVES stickers) and you make lots of fun stuff!

The children are BEAUTIFUL. Enjoy the "winter holidays" -- it's over 100 degrees F here in sunny CA!

~Laura :)

mamãe disse...

Thanks for the comment and the beautiful words Laura! We've just had a few really chilly (chilly for Amazon basin that is) days but it should get back to normal next week...

Laura disse...

You are sooooo welcome! :)