quinta-feira, 9 de julho de 2009

Apostle Paul's life

Recently we studied apostle Paul's life with the kids. First we sat outside and I told them about Paul's encounter with Jesus and how he was blind for three days. I blindfolded the kids and gave them different objects to identify. I then led them blindfolded to the library where we sat and took a look at the map of Paul's jorneys (now already without the blindfolds!). We drew some imaginary maps of our own and then I told them about Paul and Silas in the prison. We made pictures of the two in the prison with the stone walls coming down (Lucas' picture below).

The next day we talked about Paul's journey to Rome and before bath time I asked the kids to build a Lego boat with some passengers in it. Once in the shower we played the storm and the shipwreck and the kids wanted to do it over and over and over again :)

The following day we learned about Paul's letters and read some verses from the Bible. We then wrote letters to Finland (which I still haven't mailed...).

It was nice to do a study on three consecutive days as the kids remembered well what we had talked about the day before and it was easy to pick the story up from where we had left it. I had planned to do all of these activities on one Saturday but the kids' attention span just wasn't enough so I decided it was best to leave some of the activities for the next days. We might do this with some other Bible characters later on.

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