quarta-feira, 1 de abril de 2009

Kids' cold porcelain jars

As soon as our new crafting table arrived the kids wanted to use it and we decorated some cold porcelain jars. I had made the biscuits already so they simply picked the ones they wanted to use. They told me which colours they wanted for the lid and I helped them to put the lids on. Then they made some decorations for the jars and glued everything on.

This is my jar from the same day. It was so difficult to take a picture of this one but it's a sleeping baby anyhow :)

2 comentários:

Isabob disse...

Please, could you tell me the translation for cold porcelain in finnish? I am a Peruvian living in Finland with my Finn husband and I am looking for a job desesperately :P

mamãe disse...

Hi, I'm afraid there is no translation as fas as I know as cold porcelain isn't really used in Finland. If you google "cold porcelain" you'll find several recipes for it though and I'm sure you can prepare it over there as well. Good luck with the job hunting! :)