segunda-feira, 16 de março de 2009

Outdoor Hour # 17

We're still here! Last couple of weeks have been somehow hectic. We've been a bit
poorly (Luana even had to be admitted to the hospital due to a serious diarrhea) but thankfully we're recovering now. Homeschooling activities were suspended for a moment but I've got things organised again and we'll pick up from where we left a couple of weeks ago.

This time we studied leaves that we could find in our own garden. It's been really hot today so we didn't venture anywhere further than that :) This is what we found:

(top left) papaya, ixora, guava, some small unidentified leaf
(bottom left) tomato, "comigo-ninguem-pode" (dieffenbachia), manioc

We also sat in silence for a while and I asked Lucas to listen to three different things and Luana to identify five different things. First there was some laughter and I thought they wouldn't be able to sit still but eventually we managed. Lucas heard a motorbike and people talking. Luana heard a bird singing, people talking, a motorbike, some music and someone walking on the street.

Some other things we observed were the red and yellow ixoras that are blooming in the garden, our cherry tomatoes that are ripening, several East African land snails (a real pest that spread diseases over here) and even a small airplane flying over our house (something that very rarely happens as there's no airport in our little town).

Luana's entry for today. We did some leaf rubbings but she wasn't so keen on them. Instead she chose to draw a read ixora as well as a rose (which we didn't actually see today...).

All in all a very pleasant afternoon spent with the kids. They sure were happy to get back to the Outdoor challenges!

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