sexta-feira, 20 de março de 2009

Glittery fun

I was hugely inspired by the Glitter issue of Kids' Craft Weekly so we did glittery crafting this week. First we tried out the glitter and glue prints made with cookie cutters. The kids loved them and went on dipping their fingers in glue and painting their own figures and then covering them with glitter.

Yesterday we made our own glitter-glue-paint. So little was needed for so much fun. The kids absolutely loved this and I also painted some small things for decorating cards later on.

Obviously the inevitable happened - when my kids see paint and paintrbushes they ALWAYS end up painting their hands, legs, tummies etc. This time was no different and it was glitter paint all over :)

We had recently talked about the birth of Jesus and they both painted a scenery of the pastors in the field (stars in the night sky and cotton for lambs). After that they went on painting lots of different things. And they went on and on until all paint was finished :)

Luana painting Lucas' hand :)

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