quinta-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2008

Christmas tree

We used some empty milk cartons that I had washed and dried. They have a lovely silvery colour on the inside and you can cut stars out of them. We also used some pipecleaners in order to hang the stars...

We then took a dry part of a tree in front of our house and secured it in a flower pot with some sand and some local semi-precious stones...

And we have a Christmas tree outside our house!
This was ever so quick to make and the kids thought it was such a great idea. We will probably come up with some more decorations later on but this is it for now. I'm missing terribly the scent of a real Christmas tree as well as the real candles that we always had on it. It was such a special moment when my mum would light the candles and we'd all just sit and look at the beautiful tree.

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