terça-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2008

Christmas card swap!

This year we participate in the Handmade card swap organised by Kids craft weekly. It was so much fun to make the cards and today...

We received four Christmas cards from Spain, UK and the US! It was just so exciting to see what unknown people had come up with and sent us. The kids were so happy about the cards too!

And these are the cards that left our home and are on their way to Australia, US and Brazil (yes, we actually got an address in Brazil on our list!) :)

3 comentários:

Julie disse...

Just clicked on the link from Kids Craft Weekly and spotted the card we sent to you from the UK. My daughters will be very excited when they get home from school! Good to know it arrived.

icybooh disse...

These look so FUN! We've received 5 so far, one from England and four from the US. I'll be posting them on our blog (http://icybooh.wordpress.com) but for now you can check out our design there.

That's so neat that Julie found her kids cards on your blog! My daughter would be very excited too!

mamãe disse...

Julie, thank you so much! It was such a thrill to receive these cards!

icybooh, thanks for the comment! I'll be visiting your blog soon!