domingo, 3 de agosto de 2008

Sticky crafting

I got the idea for this crafting from Kids Craft Weekly that featured sticky crafts in the latest issue. I thought my kids would have loved making robots and I showed them how they could make them but instead they wanted to do something else. Lucas actually wasn't that keen on doing anything at all so I ended up working with him (and for him) but Luana liked it so much that she wanted to do another one.

We didn't have colourful stickers (except for just a few old ones) so I simply cut up some colourful paper in different shapes and we glued them on colourful paper. Maybe Lucas would have liked it better had we had the stickers instead of paper...

Here he is anyway concentrating on his work.

And this is the result. The black one is Lucas' (and mine...) and the other two are Luana's.

The rest of the day was really restless but up to this point they still had some concentration :)

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