domingo, 3 de agosto de 2008

Big boy

Today is Lucas' third birthday. He was born around 1.30 am on August 3rd 2005. I had felt some contractions already on Aug 1st and as I felt them again the following night I didn't think anything would happen. After a long hot shower the contractions continued and I called my mum. She had agreed to stay with Luana and I said maybe she could come over while the buses were still running so she wouldn't have to take a taxi later on. She examined me at around 11 pm (she's a midwife) and I was 4 cm dilated. I called the hospital and they said it was best if I simply stayed at home especially since I wasn't really in any pain and I already had a midwife with me :) 15 minutes later I called them and said I couldn't take it anymore as the contractions had quickly increased and they said I could come over.

When we got to the hospital the warm water was already running in the tub and after the midwife examined me I took a shower and went in to the birthing pool. There were three labours going on at the same time and only one midwife on the ward so we were left by ourselves for most of the time. I was completely in my own world and enjoyed the warm water a lot. It was a lot harder for my husband who kept on ringing the bell for the midwife to come whenever I had a really strong contraction. When she got into the room the contraction was already gone and I told her I was just fine :)

It took just a few hours and Lucas was born in the warm water that had helped so much during the labour. I remember how big his mouth was - he looked quite different from his sister. After he was born we were left by ourselves again and I got to nurse him for a long time. It was absolutely divine being tucked in with my little baby and feeding him for the first time. This part was a lot different with Luana but I'll post about that on August 31st when it's her birthday.

And now three years later we have a big, wild, curious, funny boy who surprises us daily with his new skills, inventions and subbornness :) He speaks Finnish and Portuguese, loves cars and riding his bike, makes a lot of noise most of the time, laughs a lot, has strong will and isn't afraid of showing it. He's the cutest little boy and I thank God for allowing me to be his mama.

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Dawn disse...

Ahhh...three years old! What a fun year that is! Happy Birthday to your sweet little boy. His birth sounds like a wonderful experience.