sábado, 24 de maio de 2008

Finally weekend

This week was somehow too much. I guess I hadn't realised how tiring working itself could be and I did all sorts of other things after work. I came home after the kids had gone to bed every day this week and I wasn't happy with that. I guess the lesson has been learned: no activities after work unless absolutely necessary.

I really missed spending time with my babes. Even if we quarrel and argue often I still wanted to be at home to give them a bath, read, eat together, draw, put them to bed etc. Today I finally came home straight from work and spent the evening with the children.

They had had a fab day today with my mum. There was a spring festival of some sort nearby and they had spent five hours (really, FIVE) just walking around, participating in different activities and playing. There was an obstacle course for kids, painting, pony riding, music and dancing and they also got to plant flowers. I was so sorry I had to work and I missed all the fun but I'm also really happy my mum had the energy to go with them (for FIVE hours).

This weekend there's my favourite festival ever taking place in Helsinki. It's a multicultural festival where lots of NGOs display their work, different organisations sell food from all corners of the world, artisans sell their work and Finnish and foreign artists play music - all free of charge. It's just that I'm absolutely too tired to participate! :( It's ok though, I really just wanted to stay at home with the kids and spend some time with them so I won't complain.

Tomorrow we're off to a little girl's birthday party and after that to church to teach Sunday School. Our topic is Brazil and I'm planning to feed the kids all sorts of exotic fruits. I'll also let them do some colouring using the Smilinguido figures.

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Dawn disse...

Enjoy your weekend with your kiddos. :)