terça-feira, 27 de maio de 2008

Birthday party and Sunday School

This Sunday we were busy with things to do. First there was my friend's daughter's birthday. The kids love a good birthday party and were so excited to go. The little princess (now 5 years old) got lovely pressies and the party was really nice too. We gave her a domino game with little dalmatians instead of domino cards.

Luana has just found her little gift bag during the treasure hunt in the garden. The kids thought it was so exciting to look for hidden things.

From the party we went straight to church and had our "Brazilian" Sunday School. I told the kids a little bit about Brazil, gave them some fresh and dried fruits and some guava juice and we also talked about friendship and how God unites us even when we're miles apart.

My Sunday School kids from Brazil had drewn pictures to send to Finland and I put them all up on the wall together with the Brazilian flag. The Finnish kids thought it was interesting to see the pictures and a letter that one of the girls had written in Portuguese. They then drew pictures to send to Brazil. I'll send them to my husband who will take them to my Sunday School class there.

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Dawn disse...

What a great idea to exchange letters and pictures between your two Sunday school classes.