sexta-feira, 4 de abril de 2008

Interviewing grandpa

No nature walk today either... The kids were a bit tired (maybe the school week was difficult or maybe it was something else) and we all really felt like just staying at home. Luana asked to cut and glue things so I took out my box of paper scraps as well as my box of felt and yarn left overs, gave the kids scissors and glue and sat down myself, too. I hadn't done paper crafting for a while and it was really nice. I'll post some pictures of what we did later on.

In the middle of the paper madness happening in our living room my father-in-law came over. Luana started to tell him how the Mororó river flows and in which direction is goes. Then I reminded her we were supposed to ask grandpa about the fish in the river so she asked. I just took a pen and some paper and started writing down weird and wonderful names of different kinds of fish that actually live in our small polluted river. We also asked him about the fauna by the river Jaru and got a huge list of animals (and we didn't even talk about birds or insects). I'm really pleased that we have someone so close who knows so many things about the nature over here. After all, he's worked in farming, fishing and hunting for years and years before starting to work for SUCAM (Health Ministry's public health campaign superintendency) and he always has a good (and usually true) story to tell.

After dinner we thought we'd go out for some ice cream and the kids were excited about the idea. However after we were all set to go it started to rain. There were lots of tears of frustration (especially from Luana's part) but luckily my creative husband remembered we had some pop corn and passion fruits at home. He made the pop corn and I made passion fruit juice and we had a lovely time all together in the kitchen.

Through this incident we also got to talking about God with Luana. When she saw it was raining and we explained her we couldn't go out she went to her room quite upset. After a while she came out again and told me she had prayed that God would stop the rain but He didn't. She was wondering why God didn't want us to have ice cream if He always wants good things for us. I've had that conversation with her once before, can't remember what it was that time she had asked for in prayer and didn't receive. It's quite hard to explain a four-year-old how God does indeed give us the best things but that His idea of best doesn't always coincide with our concept of best. Luana really likes to pray about things and she often tells me she'd like to pray about some particular issue or person. Now she's starting to realise we don't always get what we ask for in prayer.

Oh, and I rearranged things on the sidebar. My blogs started anonymous and at first I didn't post pictures of our family. Now however the anonimity is long gone so I put up a link to an older blog with the kids' pictures. There's also a link to my old food blog, which unfortunately is only in Finnish. The kids' blog has some posts in English, too.

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Poppy & Mei disse...

This post made me smile so much!
Sometimes people older than four have trouble with the concept of what we think is good & what is God's will...;) Xxx