domingo, 6 de abril de 2008

Green Hour challenge 4

This time we wanted to discover a new road to the river Mororó. We walked a little further down our street and then turned to the river. It was a street I had never been to and to my surprise there was a lot of unbuilt land. It's wonderful how I've discovered whole new places just around the corner through our nature walks!

I once again had asked the kids to observe and listen. The first thing Luana saw and wanted me to take a picture of was this flower. They grow absolutely everywhere but in people's gardens. I guess it's a flower no one really plants, it just appears by itself. We also saw a bunch of pink and purple dragonflies and the kids were thrilled. They were just so quick that I didn't even try to take a picture of them!

After some walking (and Luana falling in the slippery mud) we caught a glimpse of the river. There was quite a lot of really wet land (and mud) and I could just imagine what happens when the river runs over. No wonder no one had built there!

There was a tiny bridge and we crossed over the river.

And then we found the loveliest, tiniest and most peacful street and this little minimarket. The houses were all very modest but the atmosphere at that very moment was so cozy and nice. There was laundry hanging outside every single house, the windows were open and we could here music from many houses.

The notebook pages will be done today. Our walk was really nice and it was great to see a landscape that we didn't expect to see just around the corner from our house. The kids especially enjoyed walking through the muddy field :)

6 comentários:

Dawn disse...

It looks like you live in such a lovely place. I was in Costa Rica for awhile when I was younger and it looked very similar. It's fun to find new places right in your own "backyard", thanks for sharing about this.

mamãe disse...

That's funny, I've lived in Costa Rica too! I was an exchange student in Alajuela for a year in 1993. What about you?

It's true, the nature is very similar and there are lots of same fruits and veggies over here, too.

Anônimo disse...

Ajattelin, että siellähän on K-kauppa, mutta ei se ollutkaan, vaan Kaiserin mainos ;) M

Poppy & Mei disse...

I just LOVE reading about your walks, your pics are always fabulous too. Everything is so lush! Xxx

Mama Randa Morning Glory disse...

wow, it is so beautiful there. I'll be checking in on your posts to see more of Brazil!

Barb-Harmony Art Mom disse...

Fantastic account of your nature walk. Why do they always seem to fall in the mud? Oh well, they always get clean in the end. :)

Nature close to home, the best.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom