quarta-feira, 23 de abril de 2008

Leaving soon

The last couple of days have been quite intense. Yesterday I managed to hand in all documents for my Brazilian ID. I'm hoping it will have come through by the time I get back. They said it'd be quicker than the actual visa (which only took a year and a half) so I'm hoping five months would be enough... :) It'd be great to get the rest of my documents done when we get back so I could get on with life, get a bank account and apply for jobs :)

Today I went for some last minute shopping and had my nails done (something I don't normally do at all but now I thought it'd be nice as I won't have to do as much laundry and washing the dishes as usually). I'll still have one more English lesson at a student's house and then we'll spend the evening with my parents-in-law.

We'll have to catch a taxi at 2 am and I'm crossing my fingers that the kids sleep all the way to the airport (and some more in the plane). Otherwise I'll be dealing with two grumpy kids during the whole day in São Paulo (we get there at 11 am and leave at 8 pm...).

I'm so excited about going. I can't believe it's true that we're actually leaving tomorrow! Will get back to the blog as soon as I get an opportunity but probably it won't be until sometime on Saturday.

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Dawn disse...

Best wishes to you as you travel :)