segunda-feira, 7 de abril de 2008

How to peel an orange

I posted a picture of my hubby eating oranges with the kids. Susa asked me how he peeled the orange and I tried to explain but I think I wasn't really clear with the explanation so here's a picture :) This is how he peels the oranges. He then cuts a "lid" off the top and the kids eat what's inside the white part.

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Melissa disse...

oi Tuija, tudo bem? I love this post .. this is *exactly* how my husband eats oranges too and he does the same thing with our girls! funny!

mamãe disse...

Melissa, tudo bem :) I'll reply your e-mail soon, sorry it's taken so long! :)

Susa disse...

Thanks for the picture!! "A picture says a thousand words", now I got it :)
I should post a photo how my mother-in-law cuts a grapefruit...thanks for the idea :)

Poppy & Mei disse...

Awwwww, I still don't get it.
Tutorial please? ;) Xxx

sennachie disse...

Hauska tyyli :)

Sinua odottaa jokin blogissani! (Hih!)

Sammakko disse...

This is fun! I should also post a photo how my husband peels a mandarin - he makes a flower of it.

I found your blog through Susa, I shall definitely be back!

Terveisiä siis Suomesta :)