segunda-feira, 24 de março de 2008

Green Hour challenge 2

We did the challenge number 2 slightly modified. We didn't go for a walk but stayed at home and chose three different spots outside the house where we'd listen to sounds. We started off in the back yard where we heard a fly, some music and the sounds of a car and a motorbike. From Luana's window we could hear the river and a car. In the front yard we heard a man talking, a bird singing and again some cars and motorbikes.

The kids were really calm and concentrated (except for Lucas who lost his interest towards the end). This was something different and new and it went down really well. Afterwards we wrote down the sounds we'd heard and the kids drew some of the things. I then cut them up and glued them on the notebook page. Luana drew a car (on the right) and a motorbike (on the left). I think that's the cutes motorbike I've ever seen. As soon as they start making that model I'll get one for myself! :)

I think we'll do another challenge this week in order to catch up a little. We still haven't finished working on the river theme so there's something for this week, too.

We worked a little on colours in English, too. Luana has lerned "pink" at school (they have 30 mins of English once a week just for fun) and today she remembered "yellow" and "blue" as well. I printed them a rainbow colouring sheet from British Council's site. They have tons of things for teaching English and I'll go back with more time to explore the site.

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Dawn disse...

We are right at the same spot in the challenge as you right now. Today we did challenge number 2 also. I love the pictures your kids drew.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom disse...

What a great idea to compare sounds from different spots in your home. I love your drawings and I can tell they enjoyed working in them.

Looking forward to your next entry,
Barb-Harmony Art Mom

Poppy & Mei disse...

I think we may embark on #2 tomorrow...Xxx

Melissa disse...

hi, i just discovered your blig today and am loving reading about another foreign mama's life in Brasil! i'm Australian and live in Minas with my Brazilian husband and 2 daughters. its lovely to meet you! :) Melissa

mamãe disse...

Bex, looking forward to reading your post on no. 2!

Melissa, great to meet you too! I just sent you an e-mail.