sábado, 1 de março de 2008

Fab Saturday

I wasn't supposed to post during weekends but today was just so nice that I wanted to post something right away :)

In the morning I did some laundry and the kids helped. They washed some of the dolls' clothes as I washed our clothes. They then proceeded to doing the dishes with their plastic plates, saucepans, cups etc. Before lunch they had a splash around in their paddling pool and were very happy about that.

In the afternoon we went to see daddy play football with members of the extended family. I think it's such a nice way for them to get together every week (even if they regularly argue over football...).

This is the team that lost 7-2 but they don't seem too bothered about it :)

They played at one of the local schools. It was weird and also nice to be at a school when there was no one else around. The kids in the school's little garden.

We walked home in the most beautiful early evening sunshine. The streets were empty and the kids could just run back and forth.

It was such a good day. We didn't do anything big but the day was full of wonderful little moments. When we got home I told the kids how much I'd enjoyed the day with them and how proud they had made me with the way they behaved the whole day.

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Dawn disse...

That does look like a fabulous day. I love those kind of weekends where I just get to hang out with my family.