sexta-feira, 29 de fevereiro de 2008

Some crafting

It's been very quiet on the homeschool front over here. Somehow we've been busy with other things or then haven't done much at all. Yesterday however was the day of Finnish culture. So what's with the cars and the Barbies?!? We actually cut out pictures that have something to do with Finland and glued them on a Finland-shaped piece of cardboard. That however has been somehow misplaced (I'm suspecting little brother has something to do with that...) so I didn't get a picture here. The kids were really excited about using glue and about all the pictures of cars and Barbies they found in the magazines so we decided to make these too. Princess already has her Barbie poster in the room and little brother wanted to take his car poster to school in order to show it to his teacher. I convinced him it wasn't a good idea but instead we'll have it up on his wall and he was happy with that.

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Dawn disse...

That sounds like a fun activity for your kids.