sexta-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2008

More Valentine's day

Valentine's day ended up as a nice family day for us. I usually do the crafting, painting, homeschooling etc. with the kids and hubby does the running around, playing, tickling and building stuff. However last night he suggested some crafting with the kids using natural ingredients. I was well impressed and the kids just loved it. The three of them sat by the backdoor and started building things with sticks, toothpicks, yarn etc.

They finally came up with a little swing. The kids loved it!

And Luana made what she called "the National Baptist" (our church is called Batista Nacional...) as well as that beautiful necklace.

Lucas was also a busy bee with important work involving sticks and toothpicks and requiring a lot of concentration.

And it all ended up with some delicious chocolate cake. The picture was taken when most of it was already eaten :)

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