segunda-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2008

Fun weekend

The weekend was good and I didn't really miss the internet :) On Saturday we had the parents' meeting at school. We got the calendars for this year, got to know the prices of the books and were told that school uniforms have to be complete by March 1st, t-shirts aren't enough but the kids have to have uniform shorts as well. So off to the tailor's with the kids it is. The teachers are really happy with our little ones and I heard princess is very bright and is doing well in her group. Little brother has become even more talkative and his teacher told me she really enjoys chatting with him as he always seems to have a story to tell.

During the day there was some massive kitchen cleaning done by hubby. And I baked blueberry muffins (from dried blueberries obviously) as princess specifically asked for them. I had some pink icing left as well as some blueberry sweets (they actually taste like really sweet real blueberries and have the colour right too) to decorate the muffins with the kids.
In the evening we went to a mega Brazilian birthday party. Everything was beautiful but just really exaggerated (in my humble simple Finnish point of view). We were greeted by loads and loads of balloons and a video crew with special portable lights to ensure good quality images. The theme of the party was Strawberry Shortcake and all decoration was red and green. Party food was delicious and I got a few good ideas for our next birthday party (which will surprisingly be a lot simpler, more low key and home made than this party). The girls had a great time and on our way home my friend invited the princess to sleep over at her house. We all agreed and she had a blast (so much so that she only came home on Sunday evening...). We missed her a little and I think her little brother had enough of being the only child for a while. I am however quite proud of her being so outgoing and ready to stay with other people. That said I'm not ready to have her sleep over in other people's houses constantly, she's still mama's little girl!

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Dawn disse...

Those muffins look delicious. Was that your daughter's first sleepover? My daughter had her first sleepover this weekend. I kept thinking the phone would ring all night with a request to come and get her but she made it and had a great time also.

mamãe disse...

It was her first sleepover at a friend's house. She's stayed with grandparents and cousins before.