sexta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2008

Closed for the weekend

I've been thinking about the internet and blogging for a while now. I think there are so many great things to be found online and I've truly enjoyed blogging and reading other people's blogs but it's time consuming as well. Or let's say it gets time consuming when you find yet another great blog to follow or someone has one more great link of a website that offers loads of new information that you absolutely need to read. One of the things that really made me think about all this was my husband. Quite late one night as I was on the internet and he almost asleep he mumbled: "You only have time for the internet nowadays..." While that was the comment of a very sleepy hubby there's some truth in it also and it hit home.

Recently I read this post by someone who has decided to stop blogging and continue using the internet only in order to look for some information and send necessary e-mails. I don't even know that person nor had I ever read her blog, I ended up reading the post following a link in another blog (see what I mean about following the links...). I don't pretend to stop blogging but I'll be closed for the weekend. I'll also try to use the computer only once a day preferably in the morning when the kids are at school or after lunch when they're napping. This way it doesn't get on the way of my attention to them.

So have a good weekend all of you. I'll be back on Monday and let you know how the parents' meeting at school went and how much fun we had at the birthday party of one of princess' classmates.

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Dawn disse...

Have a great weekend. It's important to set limits even on good things like blogging :)